8 Ways To Keep Him From Cheating On You
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I've Discovered that most men don't cheat because they don't love you. Men cheat because they want variety in their lives. Some guys complain of being bored. Men want to feel adored by their woman, they want a partner who places them at the center of their life, and they no longer feel like the priority in yours. So, is your man at the verge of cheating on you?
Try these simple ways to prevent unfaithfulness in your Relationship!
1. Don't over-accommodate. Sometimes in a relationship, a woman can become too accommodating. Maintain a healthy sense of self in your relationship.

2. If you are married, be willing to have sex. Help your man to feel desired by expressing your love in a physical way.

3. Don't be over controlling. When some women get into relationships they try to control the other person to do what works best for Them, they engage in ugly relationship habits such as complaining, blaming, criticizing, nagging, threatening, and punishing. If you're guilty of any of these, then you need to do something fast!

4. Experiment. I know that most women get uncomfortable when it comes to exploring new sex styles, but allow your husband to try new things with you. Remember that If you won't, there will be someone else out there who will. I'm not saying you should engage in sexual activity you find terrifying oh, but allow yourself to experience new things with the man you love.

5. Make sure he knows how much you appreciate him.

6. Allow him to have time for himself. Do you know that some men cheat because they begin to feel imprisoned in the relationship? Allow your man time for himself without you. Don't try to exploit all your guy's time. Allow him to pursue his hobbies, spend time with friends, etc.

7. Learn his love language. Learn your man's love language and speak it to him regularly. He will know he is loved and remain true to you.

8. Don't play with his emotions. Most women are experts at using their emotions to communicate volumes without speaking any words. Don't hurt him with your emotions. Whenever he does something you don't like, approach him directly, and stop speaking with your emotions. It doesn't make sense.

In conclusion, if you are not happy in your relationship, don't blame your partner. Look deep into the relationship, so you'll know what's causing the unhappiness. If you want something different from your man, ask for it. If he gives you what you want, then Fine! If he doesn't then look inside yourself for the solution.

May God be with you.
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Seriously, Some guys won't just stop cheating...its in their blood

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