Man Ordered To Remarry Woman He Infected With HIV
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For callously divorcing his wife of 13-years after infecting her with the dreaded Human Immune Virus (HIV), a middle-aged man has been ordered to re-marry her or face the consequences.

This was the verdict of an upper Shari’a court sitting at Sabon Gari, after the case was brought before it by the aggrieved wife.

The husband by name, Abdullahi Ahmad was dragged to the court by ex-wife Umma Usman, who told the court that the defendant had divorced her and asked her to vacate his house after infecting her with the dreaded disease.

The victim informed the honourable court that both have been living together as a couple for about 13 years and that she had several children with him before she later found out that he is HIV/AIDs positive.

The court also heard that the defendant issued the hapless woman a divorce letter knowing fully that he infected her with the disease.

Umma is praying the court to quash the divorce issued to her by her husband and compel him to re-marry her since he is the one that infected her.

In his verdict, the Judge, Malam Farouk Ahmad, granted the complainant’s plea, canceled the divorce issued to her by the husband and ordered him to immediately re-marry her.

Judge Ahmad said under Islamic Shari’a Law, "it is binding on the husband to stay with the woman for the rest of his life being the one responsible for her getting an infection that has no known cure."

He ordered him to take good care of the woman henceforth.

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That's shear wickedness ! How could he attempt to divorce his wife after infecting her ?