My Girl is texting her Ex
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I checked my girl's txt messages and found texts to and from her ex expressing their past romance, when I asked her, She promised not to contact the guy again. I just discovered that she is still contacting the guy, We started dating about a year ago, What should I do?
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Yeah, some ladies just won't let go of a past relationship, I guess the breakup had a lot to do with them not having to let go of their past relationship and not that their ex actually did something bizarre to end it all. It's just a continuous process of not letting go and vivid experiences of breakup. Mister whoever, I'll suggest that you hang on to your woman and show her the best that there is in you. The best part of you that will supersede the best that she has ever experienced with her ex.


Quit if you really can't contend with the situation, cos whether or not you want to hear this, telling her to stop communicating with her ex won't do any good. You just have to erase all memories of her ex and replace them with wonderful memories of yours.
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Is that bad..... you too should text your ex or pretend to text your ex...... we girls do that to psychologically make guys feel insecure.... You also should start what u wouldn't do.... she will stop.