Arrangee Marriage
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Okay guys. I will spare you unnecessary details. Im above 27, Mum has always been complaining about me being single and all that. Was on a visit, when she introduced me to a 'close' friend of hers, who hails from a neigbouring town in Kaduna (They actually hate being referred to as Hausas). Next thing i heard was "we were just discussing about you and her daughter, you guys will make great couple!. Sounds like a typical scene in a nollywood movie right?. I bursted out in laughters and it was embarrasing. The poor girl is just 17 going 18!. I made them see reasons, they said you guys would like each other, sha meet her first. They even went further to show me her pictures. She's fair, young and tall (taller than me actually, about 5.9' sha). I kinda admire her but i consider three things, 1. The age gap (seems wide) 2. She's inexperienced 3. I detest arranged relationship (especially when moms are involved).
What do you guys think?